Smart Transportation & Smart Waste Management.

Sustainable Issue: Waste Management
Technology: Smart Bin with IoT Sensors
Waste is collected on a regular schedule to ensure that the streets, neighbourhoods and businesses are clean, safe and able to be enjoyed by all. This has been achieved by scheduling regular or static collections by waste collection staff in trucks to empty our bins.
SmartBin’s Intelligent Monitoring solution enables waste management and recycling companies to optimize their collection operations and maximize the use of valuable resources. By deploying SmartBin wireless ultrasonic sensors to a wide range of containers, and using the data intelligence to drive operational efficiencies including optimized routes, asset tracking and cost analysis. SmartBin sensors leverage the latest in IoT and cellular network technologies.
Key Features
• Ultrasonic fill-level, geo-location & temperature
• Optimizes the dumper route to landfill.
• Zero maintenance with a non-corrosive protective shell
• Know the fill-level of your containers at all times.
• Send optimized routes directly to dumpers to schedule pickup.
• Cut your service costs by up to 50%.
• Provide a world class service.
• Reduce your company’s carbon footprint.

Stake Holders:
• Manufacturing units
• Government
• Commercial building users
• Communities
• Waste Management Utilities
Deployment / Implementation:
• Work with the local government to implement in the city
• Educate local bodies for waste management about the technology; have three to four sessions.
• Awareness among the community

Response to Another post

Lab-grown meat: fantasy or reality? By Agathetech

I believe lab grown meat is one of best solution to meet the food scarcity issue without killing any animals around the world. But my only concern is how healthy is this meat and will it really suffice the purpose of reducing GHG Emission? As I read more one this technology, I learnt that all lab-grown meat so far requires a product called fetal bovine serum which is a by-product made from the blood of cow fetuses. And thus, Millions of fetuses are slaughtered for this purpose. I think Cultured meat grown by way of FBS doesn’t, at all, address that problem.


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