EV wireless charging during motion

1) Sustainability Problem:

EV adoption is a chicken and egg sort of problem. Both sides of the market, vehicle owners and charging infrastructure owners, have to feel secure there will be critical mass of the other side to comfortable deploy their capital. Range anxiety is one of the primary barriers to prospective vehicle owners. The fear that mobility and productivity will be limited by the abbreviated range offered by EV batteries coupled with the long duration of recharging reinforces that perception.
From the article:
[If a car was able to be charged while it was being driven, then this would solve the problem of limited range and enable vehicles to travel for potentially unlimited distances.]
The transportation sector was responsible for 27% of all U.S. GHG emissions in 2015, 2nd only to Electricity generation. [EPA.gov] The faster transportation is electrified, and the faster that electricity can be produced from renewable sources, the more likely we are to mitigate the worst consequences of global temperature rise.

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2) Technology Summary:

Article: Wireless Electric Vehicle Charging Breakthrough Achieved
Website: Clean Technica
Tags: #electric vehicle #wireless charging

3) Organizational stakeholders

  1. state transportation departments
  2. public service commission / regulators
  3. EV manufacturers
  4. utilities

4) Steps in deploying this technology

  1. Continue to expand the power capacity of wireless charging – currently beneath the required volume for vehicle operations
  2. Encourage vehicle manufacturers to adopt wireless charging technology
  3. Persuade state and federal transportation officials to set regulatory frameworks around safe in-lane charging equipment
  4. Evaluate revenue potential of time-of-use rates to incentivize congestion mitigation

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