Hybrid Wind Power Generating & Fish Farming System


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Sustainability: Energy, Wind power, small-scale fishers

Small-scale fishers are concerned about offshore wind farms but the scale and speed of wind farm development offshore might mean that the situation is likely to change in the near future. The primary concern for small-scale fishers is the potential loss of access to fishing grounds within turbine zones. Infrastructure cost for the conventional floating wind turbine is a tremendous cost. Hybrid Wind Power Generating and Fish Farming System resolve conflicts between wind energy companies and small-scale fishers, leading both parties to collaboration.

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  • Base: Vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT)
    • VAWT doesn’t have complex steering systems
    • Lower center gravity
  • Fish cage structure with a small waterplane area twin-hull feature
    • More stable system against ocean wave impact


  • Fishman
  • Small-scale fishing companies
  • Local government
  • Wind energy company
  • Turbine Manufacturer
  • Turbine  Installer

Steps to deploy this technology:

  • Engage small-scale fish companies, governments, and energy companies
  • Wind energy companies can rent fish farming zones from small-scale fishers to set up these hybrid systems
  • Hire and train local coastal fishers to work as wind turbine maintenance engineers
  • Local government or NGOs can fund small-scale fishing companies
  • Encourage Fishman to grow into an energy company and run both a wind energy and a fish farming business

UNI: QS2162

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