IceEnergy – Cool battery Storage


Energy: electricity from renewable energy is generated only when specific environmental conditions are met (e.g. the sun is out, the wind is blowing etc.). Nonetheless, the renewable energy generation profile does not reflect energy demand and as such there is a great need for energy storage. Current solutions are expansive and not viable at the scale needed to truly transform to a renewable, clean grid.

The solution

A novel battery storage solution using ice to store energy.


  • Ice energy is a company based in Santa Barbara, California. The company uses off-peak electricity to create a thermal battery (i.e. cool water into ice). The battery connects to a facility’s HVAC system and helps it produce cool air for AC use. By lowering the temperature of input air, the battery reduces the system’s cooling needs – thus saving energy.
  • The technology is commercial, tested and reliable. The company has a verity of solutions including products for residential, commercial & industrial as well as for the grid.
  • Each unit “saves” (on average) 2,000 lbs of CO2 and reduces peak load by 95%.



Every facility that has an HVAC system, ideally in a warm climate where the need for cooling is large, including:

  • Warehouses
  • Manufacturing facilitates
  • Single and multi family homes


Step 1 – Further develop and optimize the product line.

Step 2 – Step up production to the point where economics of scale help reduce unit price substantially.

Step 3 – Open  sales offices in multiple cities in the US and evaluate the international market for a second manufacturing facility.


Company website –

Comment on “Vertical Farm Acupuncture – made from recycled materials for Indonesia’s migrant farmers”: “This is a pretty cool idea. Another benefit of the vertical farm building, especially when it is implemented at scale, is a reduction in the urban heat island effect, which is in addition to the thermal insolation the vegetation will provide.”


2 thoughts on “IceEnergy – Cool battery Storage

  1. Ice banks have traditionally been used in the dairy industry, to avoid peak demand. Recently few building complexes have started installing icebanks.


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