Smog Free Tower

Smog Free Tower


Sustainability Problem— Air Pollution

Air pollution in cities is becoming a major problem. Each year more than 3 million people die prematurely due to reason.

Sustainability Technology

– Daan Roosegaarde is a Dutch innovator who built a seven-meter high Smog Free Tower in Rotterdam.

– The Smog Free Tower is like a ‘smog vacuum cleaner’. It uses ion technology to produce fresh air in public spaces.

– The positive ionization technology cleans 30.000 m3 per hour. The technology uses wind energy to do the conversion.

– The pilot study has shown that the technology has cleaned the outdoor air by 60%.


  1. Governments
  2. Engineers (Clean Tech)
  3. NGOs

The First Three Steps

  1. Continue pilot studies in cities where air pollution is an issue
  2. Work with engineers in order to scale up the technology
  3. Incorporate the technology to other things, such a bicycles


Comment on “Can Crows be trained for cleaning using technology?”




4 thoughts on “Smog Free Tower

  1. Very unique technology! This is needed in cities like Delhi and Shanghai, though the primarily roadblock i foresee is the availability of space. Several of the most polluted cities are also very densely packed and availability of land is always an issue. Is there a range over which this technology operates?

    Perhaps the solution lies in situating them on the outskirts (this depends on the range over which this technology can “vacuum and clean”), or rather to innovate to the point where this acts as a final stage scrubbing technology and cleans right at the source?


  2. This has been a great addition to some of the CO2 inhaling technologies out there. As the article mentions, developing countries, such as places in China and Malaysia with many manufacturing plants, have very unhealthy air. Not only does this attempt to combat particle emissions contributing to climate change, it also targets health & safety of the global population since our bodies were not made to withstand so much air pollution. Perhaps air filters could be implemented in other infrastructure at lower costs?


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