Circular Mushroom based products

Sustainability Issue : Waste

Problem: Most traditional packaging material are polymer based which cannot be recycled. Polystyrene takes thousands of years to decompose, contributing to the global waste problem.

Solution: Innovative mushroom based materials.

How its made?

  1. Agricultural waste such as corn husks is cleaned.
  2. Mycelium is added, and the mixture is left for a few days
  3. Mycelium grows fibres as it reaches out to digest the agricultural waste.
  4. Mixture is broken up into loose particles.
  5. Particles are put into shaped mould for a few days. Mycelium grows and forms a solid shape.
  6. Solid shape is removed and dried to stop growth and prevent production of mushrooms or spores.


  1. Mycellium biodegrades in a few weeks by simply throwing it out in the backyard.
  2. It is fireproof and water proof
  3. You can grow it yourself and mould it in to any shape required.
  4. It has applications beyond packaging, from lamps, furniture and even shoe soles.

Current clients : Dell, Ikea,


  1. Businesses
  2. Cities
  3. Community

Deployment : 

  1. Analyze resource availability to scale technology and/or partner with agricultural companies for raw materials
  2. Contact business educating them of the benefits
  3. Scale up technology to commercialization

One thought on “Circular Mushroom based products

  1. A TED talk on this technology made the additional point that this production technique supports local and distributed manufacturing. The agricultural waste to which the mycelium is added can vary depending on where production takes place and which agricultural waste is prevalent there. This simplifies the supply chain of creating the material and reduces the carbon footprint associated with securing and transporting the necessary inputs.



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