Energy from Evaporating Water could rival Wind and Solar.

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1: Energy, air, water









This machine could harness the energy from water that evaporates from existing dams and lakes in the U.S. It could provide up to 2.8 billion megawatt hours per year or about 2/3 of the electrical production in the U.S in 2015.


3: Stakeholders are anyone currently using electricity generated by burning fossil fuels. Additional stakeholders would be less developed nations who would not have to spend billions upgrading their infrastructure to burn fossil fuel burning generating plants.


4: If this technology can be refined it would sell itself to countries, states and cities currently using fossil fuels to generate electricity or facing huge infrastructure upgrades to generate electricity using fossil fuels.


My comment: For the rapid electrical cell recharging technology article;

I particularly like the safety improvement offered by this technology. The removal of the membrane in the fuels cells which become clogged and cause overheating and fires makes this technology important for the future of transportation fuels cells being utilized on a larger scale



2 thoughts on “Energy from Evaporating Water could rival Wind and Solar.

  1. Assuming this technology takes off in the near or mid-term future, two key points will need to be kept in mind:
    1. How will the electrical energy be transmitted? Will it feed into the grid or will this technology work better in Distributed Energy Generation models?
    2. Can battery storage be used in tandem to solve the above problem?

    It would appear that such a technology will be a great starting point for distributed generation, on farms and other places where water is heavily used/evaporation rates are high. It may not be feasible to feed this type of energy directly into the grid. Thoughts?


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