Green lawns for less: Smart Irrigation

Problem: Water Management

  • Places like California are facing more frequent and longer lasting periods of drought.
  • Having an automatic springer system can be a huge waste of regional water supplies on something that is non-esstential.

Solution: Rachio (Website)

  • Rachio have developed an system of managing home owners water usage making it easier for them to save water.
  • The system comes in two varieties: an 8-zone unit ($200) and a 16-zone version ($250).
  • Physical installation is similar to a traditional sprinkler timer. Zone wires are inserted into clips inside the device, then the device is plugged into a standard wall jack.
  • The system is controlled through a mobile app, which guides you through a series of questions which determine how much water your plants need, based on type of vegetation, soil type, sun exposure, and the slope of the land.

Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 6.18.27 PM


  • Middle and upper income families who wish to maintain the aesthetics of their property in dry areas.
  • Water utility companies.
  • Gardening services.


Three steps to deploying:

  1. Install the main hardware at the source of your springer system.
  2. Connect it to you home wifi network.
  3. Download the control app.





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