In many countries of Africa, they still struggling with the provision of basic services for most of the developed and developing countries. Clean water and energy.

While some solutions are able to provide energy, others can provide water. In today’s world internet it is also a need for having access to information. What if one device can provide you the 3 needs. This concept was analyzed by Watly.


Resultado de imagen para watly water purifier


This device is able to provide drinkable water, through a smart system that purifies the water by using the energy generated by the solar panels. But In addition, it uses the energy generated to provide internet service as well as to provide electricity. Therefore, they were able to link and optimize a device (figure 1) to address 3 of the most pressing issues of undeveloped countries at once.

Implementation steps:

1.- Fundraise to pay the solution.

2.- Understand the optimal size or number of devices required to cover the demand of water, minimum energy, and internet for the community.

3.- Enjoy the privileges of a great percentage of the world population!



By Gabriel Guggisberg Week 7 (gg2642)


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