Improved Policing Through Cloud-Based Technology

New York Police Department officer1) Sustainability Problem: New York City residents do not have a forum to voice their interests in NYPD agenda.

Category: Civic Engagement

2) Technology

CompStat, brought to the NYPD in 1994, is a management system that combines administrative policy with technology to make crime matters more transparent and hold precinct commanders accountable in their areas. IdeaScale is a cloud-based innovation that has been merged with CompStat as an ideation platform to enhance civic engagement surrounding police work.

  • IdeaScale was merged with NYPD CompStat in 2014.
  • IdeaScale works by registering users to make comments and vote on suggestions for ways to improve organizations.
  • Ideas that receive the most votes through IdeaScale are elevated to the attention of management.
  • NYPD’s use of IdeaScale is the first time that a police department has used a digital platform to invite specific communities to nominate quality-of-life problems for the police to address.
  • The information and ideas submitted to IdeaScale constitute a crucial supplement to 911 data in determining an agenda for the NYPD.

3) Organizational Stakeholders:

  • NYC Government
  • NYC Residents
  • NYC Businesses
  • NYPD

4) Deployment:

  • Merge CompStat with IdeaScale so community and crime data can be shared across platforms within a police department.
  • Introduce community to IdeaScale and register users.
  • Enhance community engagement by collecting ideas, comments, and votes through IdeaScale.
  • Supplement 911 data with IdeaScale data to determine policing agenda.
  • Increase the willingness of citizens to report crime and improve accountability in police force.


Stephen Goldsmith. Using Technology to Enhance Civic Engagement. Government Technology Magazine. March 9, 2016. Web. Accessed October 26, 2017.


2 thoughts on “Improved Policing Through Cloud-Based Technology

  1. The information and ideas submitted to IdeaScale constitute a crucial supplement to violent crime and 911 data in determining an agenda for a local police force.


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