SolarWindow – a window for a bright future

Sustainability problem

we need to transition away from fossil fuels to avoid a climate change catastrophe. Solar is a promising component of this transition, nonetheless it has traditionally been conceptualized as a solution for to horizontal surfaces and roofs, both of which are limited in area within the urban landscape (where most people live) – Not anymore.




Turn windows into a solar energy generating unit.

  • SolarWindow is a US company based in Maryland. The technology functions similarly to a PV cell, only on a transparent window.
  • The technology has lower efficiency rate, nonetheless scale is where it really shines – the rooftop area of an average skyscraper is very small compared to the approximately 6 acres of windows it has.
  • Payback period is less than a year.

Solar Windows at NREL.   August 25 2015.  Photo by Ellen Jaskol.


While big buildings in dense urban areas will see the highest returns, stakeholders include:

  • Home owners
  • Municipal buildings
  • Real-estate companies
  • Utility companies



Step 1 – the company needs to scale its production while continuing to develop the product (increasing efficiency and transparency).

Step 2 – partner with a property owners to conduct pilot studies and familiarize utility companies to with the technology.

Step 3 – work towards Federal recognition of the technology as equivalent to rooftop solar (in terms of subsidies, depreciation and tax credit).


Link to company website –


One thought on “SolarWindow – a window for a bright future

  1. This is an interesting initiative which, I highlighted in my blog two weeks back. This will help reach scale and overcome the issues of solar variability.


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