Swallowable Sensors- Smart Pills

Smart Pill

Sustainability Problem— The Smart Pill technology will help with saving energy from utilizing radiation machines required to detect digestive system diseases, as well as reduce waste.


  1. This technology was invented by a Buffalo, NY based company called Smart Pill
  2. The smart pill is a wireless device that will be utilized to monitor the human body about digestive system diseases, especially gastroparesis ( 20% of Americans face this problem)

a. The pill is ingested by the patient

b. Gathers information as it passes through the digestive system

c. Transmits the collected data to a receiver, which later goes to the doctor for evaluation


  1. Patients with digestive system diseases
  2. Hospitals
  3. Governments


  1. Further research for accuracy of the smart pill
  2. Public awareness programs for acceptance of the technology
  3. Furthermore, extend the use of ‘smart pill’ for detecting other diseases




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