Wakati:Keep food fresh using solar power


Keeping food fresh in areas without refrigerator or electricity.


A solar-powered,sterlized microclimate called WAKATI that stores and ventilates food and vegetables.It consists of a tent-like box with a 3W solar panel on it.he solar power runs a ventilator that gradually evaporates a weekly supply of about 6.7 oz of water, creating a humid environment within the Wakati that keeps produce fresh.

Crops can dry out quickly after being harvested, but with the Wakati system the humidity keeps the cells of the crops intact and the acids and enzymes inside the cells that would normally begin to digest the crops are kept under control.


1.Farmers, specially in developing countries who can keep their produce fresh for long and can earn profits.

2.Makers of Wakati.

3.Citizens of developing countries where electricity is inaccessible.


1.Increasing the  storing capacity of Wakati and manufacturing it on a larger scale to make it affordable for citizens in developing countries.

2.Providing Wakati to farmers in a subsidised rate by partnering with local agriculture government agencies.

3.Demontrating and showing citizens specially women on how to use it effectively.




Comment on another blog post:


Very important solution given the world is facing so many natural disasters.But this will take a long time to deploy as it involves so much planning and intervention of its governments.As you mentioned institutions like hospitals need this technology so a smarter way to approach it would be to public private partnerships.




One thought on “Wakati:Keep food fresh using solar power

  1. Comments to Wakati:Keep food fresh using solar power by RS3686 by AV2698 :
    Unlike a refrigerator, the Wakati does not control temperature and, therefore, cannot store fruit and veg for long-term periods. Wakati have shown that a one or two-day shelf-life in a hot climate can be increased to 10 days. In developing countries this can be significant because some food will not go to waste and some companies can even profit.


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