Self-Assembling Robots May Not Be Such A Tough Pill To Swallow

The Problem

Category: Health/Energy

While robots continue to create efficiencies in workplace environments, robots are still limited by the need for human intervention such as construction, control, and maintenance.

 The Tech

An MIT computer science team has created a concept called Primer that is a robot that can move on its own, change shape, and even add a robotic exoskeleton to itself.  Right now, the robot is activated by human-controlled magnetic fields until it reaches a given platform.  The platform uses heat to activate the exoskeleton that folds up around the cubed robot.

The creators suggest the mini robots will be able to drill, scoop water, shovel, cut, and grab.  Furthermore, they envision the robots being used by medical professionals who give them to patients in pill-form.  Once consumed, the robots may be able to inject medicine or perform biopsies in humans.


Article Title: Tiny, self-assembling bots will create more work for humans
Website: Ars Technica

 The Stakeholders Using The Tech



Government health regulatory bodies

Medical Insurers

Primer technicians

Primer data analysts

The First Three Steps

  1. The prototype is still human controlled, so the first step is building a second-generation prototype that is autonomous.
  2. Once the prototype can build itself and move on its own, the scientists will need to perform rigorous testing to ensure the robot can perform the desired functions in a desired time frame.
  3. Once the second-generation prototype actually performs functions in a timely fashion, the scientists may want to test it on a live subject (probably a rat).

UNI: gm2778

Comment on Small, Affordable, Smart Multi-Purpose units

“Pretty snazzy.  Not sure how construction permits/property ownership works in Estonia, but I imagine there would be a lot of red tape around getting this type of home approved in the US (unless you already own the land its being constructed on).  In addition to homes, work, school, I can envision this company getting into the event space (weddings in particular).  Anyway, the design is way nicer than any NYC apartment I’ve seen.  For $150k, it might be time to move to Estonia :).”


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