How about use waste o build green artificial Islands?

1: Area of sustainability category: waste

Annually, New York needs to pay $300 million in order to transform the waste from the city to out-of-state landfills. This uploading of garbage also creates extra greenhouse gas. It is urgent for the city to find a more cost-efficient and environmental-friendly way to deal with the waste.

2: “Composting park proposal keeps NYC’s organic waste close to home

  • Green Loop would consist of a network of 10 park-topped street-level composting facilities strategically built along the city’s waterfront
  • Putting a much-needed dent in New York’s garbage exporting practice while also adding a sizable amount of public green space to all five boroughs,
  • Connected to land by both a pedestrian causeway and a roadway that would easily allow trucks to deliver the locally-generated “goods.”

3: Implementation

  • Keep R&D to prevent potential odor-related issues
  • Convince city waste department and build a partnership with them
  • Locate appropriate Waterfronts where Green Loops can build
  • On-site Testing and Implementation

4: Stakeholder

  • NY citizens
  • Hub park islands management team
  • Municipals who are looking for a sustainable waste management


Comment on ” Small, affordable, smart multi-purpose units

I also find that the preparation for the installation is minimal. “All a KODA needs is ground with leveled footing, access with a crane, and connection points for water, sewerage, and electricity.”




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