Solar-powered cold storage


1.Sustainability Problem: Waste

In developing countries that lack access to a reliable power grid, approximately 40% of total food production perishes before it can be sold or consumed.

2. Technology Summary:

  • ColdHubs is a modular, solar powered cold room, where farm­ers can pay per crate to store produce to prevent it from spoiling.
  • The cold rooms use solar panels mounted on the roof generate electricity to power a refrigeration unit to keep the room between 8 and 16 degrees Celsius
  • ColdHubs can extend the shelf life of perishable food from 2 to 21 days and can potentially reduce post-harvest loss by 80% percent, reducing food waste and enabling farmers to sell a larger portion of their crops.


  • Farmers
  • Customers
  • NGOs
  • Governments in developing nations
  • Farming organizations

4.Technology Deployment:

  • Produce more cold storage units for use in communities
  • Educate farmers about the benefits of cold storage, to promote the use of the technology
  • Work with NGOs, governments, communities to disseminate and install Coldhubs in areas in need


  • Article:
  • Company website:

Comment on How about use waste o build green artificial Islands?

The article notes that this technology would help New York City divert 30 percent of its waste stream from landfill. However, I’m skeptical of the feasibility of requiring New New Yorkers to compost their organics. I believe that in reality this solution would result in a much waste lower diversion rate.


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