Screenshot 2017-11-01 16.24.14Sustainability Problem: sustainable and affordable urban home construction

As the world is becoming more urbanized, there is a growing need for more affordable and environmentally responsible housing. Constructing homes on urban infills is often costly, time consuming and brings unwanted disturbance to the surrounding communities.

Sustainable Technology: prefabricated houses 

Plant Prefab manufactures custom and single/multifamily homes that are high-quality, healthy, customized and durable. With faster built time, less cost, more reliability, less disruptions and wastes, it provides great potentials to address the challenges of urban home construction.

  • The company provides low cost homes in half the time and with less waste than traditional site-based contractors. Modules are built in assembly lines just like those in an ship or plane building factory, which can be more efficient than building on-site. It is also cost effective as the factories are not located in an expensive labor market and the company uses full-time staff rather than sub contractors.
  • The company is the first prefabricated home factory in the nation dedicated to sustainable construction, materials, processes, and operations. It also uses materials that minimize or eliminate off-gassing and to avoid toxics.
  • The technology and processes are commercially ready as the company’s first home is the first certified LEED Platinum in the nation and they built the first multi-family project certified LEED Platinum in northern California.

Organizational Stakeholders that Will Use the Technology:

  • Developers and architects
  • Individual home owners
  • City planners

First 3 Steps in Deploying the Technology:

  1. Target marketing to developers in the urban in-fill market in constrained areas for cities like New York and San Fransisco.
  2. Showcase company’s certified LEED homes on homebuilder’s magazines.
  3. Build awareness and knowledge of the company among architect communities through workshops of the software and design process.


Plant Prefab

Plant Prefab raises $3 million from Obvious Ventures for durable, sustainable homes 

High-end, Sustainable, Prefab Homes are Becoming a Big Business

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