Advanced IoT controls for commercial real estate

1) Sustainability Problem:

All businesses have to aggressively control costs but a huge business such as Chase Bank  with multiple retail and corporate locations (and their accompanying large real estate footprints) spend millions of dollars on facility fees such as utilities. Some locations have advanced lighting and intelligent building mgt systems, but this is inconsistent across the fleet of properties.
Last year Current by GE began a partnership with Chase to install LED lighting in 5000  branches across 25 million square feet.”Current estimates that, once completed, the project could reduce the branches’ lighting-related energy use by more than 50 percent – equal to taking nearly 27,000 cars off the road.”

This July, in Phase 2, Current incorporated data and technology like Smart Irrigation technology from Weathermatic and other partners into an IoT platform called Predix. The new sensors and controls will allow for reductions in water usage from irrigation systems by 20 percent. In addition, electric and gas consumption will be reduced by 15 percent.

The overall system provides visibility into HVAC and energy usage, giving facilities managers tools to measure performance against expectations and adjust quickly.
Category: Energy & Buildings

2) Technology Summary:

Article: JPMorgan partners with GE’s Current to reach lofty environmental goals
Website: CNBC
Tags: #energy efficiency #IoT

3) Organizational stakeholders

  1. Client: Chase Bank
  2. System Aggregator: Current by GE
  3. Partner: Weathermatic
  4. Municipality (clearing municipal ordinances)

4) Steps in deploying this technology

  1. Establish parameters/governance for technology buildout
  2. Ensure supply chain in place for very large order
  3. Retain local resources to install sensor technology in retail locations across whole service area
  4. Aggregate/Test/QA data streams coming from all discrete locations
  5. Establish measurement and evaluation protocols so learnings can be fed back into future facility operations decision-making

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