Bacteriophages improve food safety and animal health issues

  1. Sustainability problem: Food chain safety and animal antibacterial resistance
  2. Technology solution: PROTEON, a pharmaceutical company based in Poland, has developed bacteriophages in feed to target infections in fish poultry that works as an alternative to antibiotics. Antibiotics usually kill and target all bacteria inside the animal’s gut, even the beneficial bacteria, whereas bacteriophages target specific bacteria and don’t require animal to be in quarantine after treatment.
  3. Stakeholders:
    • Investors
    • Aquaculture and farm owners
    • Veterinarians
    • Consumers
  4. First 3 steps in deployment:
    1. Place or register products in various markets: BAFASAL® for poultry which eliminates human-pathogenic Salmonella in poultry farming. BAFADOR®, for commercial aquaculture which eliminates Pseudomonas and Aeromonas infections.
    2. Continue looking for funding to commercialize products globally and develop production capacity.
    3. Figure out how to get around challenges for producing at scale.
  5. Reply to post, Ahmad Al Zubair (aa4098):
    • From a sustainable development standpoint, this is a great idea to implement solution for education and water sanitation. The pages are made from cellulose, which is a good alternative to using trees and perhaps more alternatives can be thought of for the future scalability of this project. I’m concerned about how we would know when a person is running out of pages. The estimate of a book lasting 4 years is vague and depends on the person. Perhaps pairing this with a microchip sensor that sends warnings to teams notifying them of a need in supply might be an effective solution to add? It would also be great if the educational information was available in multiple language, or perhaps in both the native tongue and English to improve language learning.

2 thoughts on “Bacteriophages improve food safety and animal health issues

  1. Antibiotic resistance is one of the major challenges facing the global health community and better alternatives are needed in order to prevent mass causalities from anti-biotic resistant bacteria. The Bacteriophages used in BAFASAL are viruses that need a bacterial cell to replicate. Once they infect a bacterial cell, they quickly replicate using the host cells RNA and other vital proteins and then “lys” or kill the bacteria when the new phages emerge from it. Proteon’s phage technology doesn’t affect the animal’s immune system.


  2. This is a cool solution! one of the things that I find interesting is that PROTEON is also involved in setting up a research and development institute to promote this field and render the use of Bacteriphage based solutions more mainstream.


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