Circular Packaging

RepackSustainability Problem: Waste

Summary of Technology

  • As commerce becomes more digital, packaging and shipping waste is also increasing. RePack is a new way to ship and return items. The packaging is renewable and can be used repeatedly.
  • If the customer does not need to return what they bought, they can just put the package back in the mail and it will be returned to RePack.
  • When checking out, customers are prompted with the choice to use the different packings. The customers are incentivized to return the packaging to RePack through a discount. The company has created a coalition of companies where once returned they can use the discount at all the different stores.
  • They have found that customers spend more than 30% at the store. It also helps companies reduce their environmental impact and become more circular.
  • The article, “Looking for a Circular Packaging Solution? Meet RePack,” points out this new technology can be beneficial for both the customers and the business.


  • RePack Company
  • Retail Companies
  • Shipping Companies
  • Customers

Steps for further expansion (expand into the US)

  1. Create partnership with US Companies who are sustainable in design
  2. Establish network of companies for incentives
  3. Roll out program to customers based in the US

Comment on “HY4 to Change the Way We Travel”

  • They are hoping to be able to fly between San Francisco and New York next year to show off the technology.

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