Data Analytic Framework for Broad Use in Cities

  1. New Orleans’ Office of Performance and Accountability has developed a framework that can be modified for a small variety of city oriented projects, populated with data from the Department of Code Enforcement and other agencies. In this article, the success of BlightSTAT, a tool built from this framework that supports New Orleans’ effort to reduce blight is highlighted.
  2. The effort that goes into building such a tool should most likely be managed by a city’s data or performance office, but will then rely on other city office to contribute relevant data that pertains to that office’s specific focus. i.e. water demand and use, coding violations, etc.
  3. I cannot yet figure out whether this framework was built out by New Orleans’ OPA themselves or whether support was provided for it, but first step for a cities equivalent of the OPA to build out their own frameworks, by skilled employees, through consultation, or in partnership with existing frameworks. Followed by identification of the most pressing projects on a city’s to do list – New Orleans seemed to compile a condensed list by requesting project pitches. Finally, support for data inputting, to source the data and properly use the tool. At that point, the relevant city office would be able to make decisions.

One City’s Data-Driven Transformation, Governing Magazine

Data Products,


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