Drone to Help Pollination



Sustainable Problem: Sustainable Agriculture

Pollinators such as bees and butter flies help produce 75% of the world’s crops by pollination. Unfortunately, many insect pollinators are facing extinction.

Technology:  Drones

Researchers in Japan are testing out drones to be used for pollination. These drones carry pollen from one plant to another allowing them to be pollinated and reproduce without the help of insect pollinators.


  • Farmers
  • Grocery Stores
  • Farmers Markets

Next Steps:

  1. Create awareness about incest extinction and pollination issues.
  2. Continue to perform research on drone capability and technology.
  3. Pilot this technology at local farms, gardens, and parks.
  4. Secure incentives and funding means to produce more pollination drones.


As the world transforms to use more smart technology in their daily lives, this is a important fabric that can analyze data and build databases that help evaluate a persons health.  I believe this technology will change the way people understand their own health and body and move towards a healthier lifestyle with data analytics.


3 thoughts on “Drone to Help Pollination

  1. This is fascinating, however I am curious how this would affect any natural pollination cycles existing in the region, if at all!


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