How About Some “Light” Cleaning?

1) Problem: Health

  • Over the years companies have come up with numerous ways to attack the problem of growing bacteria rates with a goal of keeping people and patients healthy. While this has been so, what are the adverse effects of such products and at what cost does their introduction impose on the future health of the planet and the other organisms that inhabit it?

2) Technology:

  • Indigo – Clean has developed technology that uses visible light to disinfect the environment that it is in contact with
  • The technology emits light at the 405 nm range, reflecting off various surfaces and eventually hitting harmful bacteria and micro-organisms
  • The level of light attacks the porphyrins that are present in bacteria and is absorbed, initiating for a process where Reactive Oxygen Molecules are produced and provides a chemical reaction similar to that of bleach
  • From this the bacteria becomes inactive and can no longer replicate

3) Stakeholders:

  • Hospitals
  • Patients
  • Governments
  • People with low immune systems

4) Deployment:

  • Obtain investments to push R&D to increase the range of product for targeting bacteria and scale up operations
  • Initiate government contracts to subsidize the product for widespread distribution
  • Phase out lighting in buildings to prevent infections and sickness both in surgical operations and within homes and workplace

5) Student Comment:

The system is also decentralized, making it possible for each signal to make its own decisions in terms of traffic timing. As said in the articles, traditional models of traffic systems occasionally use older algorithms making them more troublesome in the future when driving patterns have changed yet the light says red for a considerable amount of time. Or the opposite of having no cars on the street yet you need to stop at each light.



Dominic Bell (dlb2189)


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