Robotic Nurse Assistant – RIBA


1. Sustainability Problem: High cost and disruptions to quality health care as a result of work-related injuries amongst nurses.

 2. Technology – The Robotic Nurse Assistant

  • RIBA, which stands for Robot for Interactive Body Assistance, was developed by RIKEN and Tokai Rubber Industries
  • RIBA is a robot that is intended to work in nursing care situations were it would lift up a human into its arms, transfer them into bed, or a wheelchair
  • RIBA does this using its very strong human-like arms and by novel tactile guidance methods using high-accuracy tactile sensors
  • RIBA was developed by integrating RIKEN’s control, sensor, and information processing and TRI’s material and structural design technologies
  • RIBA can over time be adapted for use in disaster situations as well



3. Organizational Stakeholders

  • Hospitals
  • Nursing Homes
  • Rehabilitation Centers
  • Hospices
  • Relief/Disaster organizations

4. Deployment of  Technology

  • Contact Riken to get a full understanding of the capabilities of RIBA
  • Train Health personnel to operate RIBA
  • Hold separate shareholder workshops with clinical staff and with patients to assess any apprehensions and address them before introducing versions of RIBA to the various organizations on a pilot, ahead of full implementation.


My comment on “OLLI – the self-driving electric mini bus”  – post by (ms5584) MARIGSKO

Olli is a 3D-printed minibus, and it can be “printed” to specification in “micro-factories” in a matter of hours.


2 thoughts on “Robotic Nurse Assistant – RIBA

  1. I still feel that when it comes to nursing care, no robot can replace a human care! Hope they work and feel as good! However for lifting purposes levers could be used instead. Robots sound best in doing complex surgeries..


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