TaKaDu Integrated Event Management solutions for the water industry.

  1. Sustainability Problem:

    According to UN World will face 40% gap in water supply and demand. World Bank estimates that world loses about 25-35% of water due to leaks and bursts(the annual value of this non-revenue water — water produced and lost by utilities — is $14 billion). Water scarcity will cause serious squeeze food and energy supply chains, and stall economic growth.

    2. Technological Solutions:

    Israeli start-up TaKaDu claims its cloud-based, a mathematical led software solution is integrating the water sector with “cloud computing.”

    -The solution works together with utilities’ current infrastructure. Information from flows and pressure meters, GIS and SCADA systems, for instance, is collated, “mathematically cooked” turned into “practical real-time picture and priorities.”

    -Utilities can use a web interface to efficiently find where leaks take place that efficiently locates repair teams.

    -Provide efficient 24/7 monitoring service with prioritized analyze


Sources: Sarah Begley, “UN Report Warns of Serious Water Shortages in 15 years”, March 20, 2015 

Tom Freyberg, Water Leakage? Look to the Clouds

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3. Key Stakeholders and their role in the implementation:

-City stakeholders- Include their plan
-Government agencies-Legislate and helping private sectors to participate

-Water Utility Companies-Use Technology for their service
-Civic society- Connect and partnership with the stakeholders
-Citizens of the city-Be aware of leakages and require utility companies be transparent about water bills
-Financial Institutions-Financing water-related projects

4. Steps Deploying Technology:

Public-Private People’s Partnership is the key to successful deployment of the project.
– Government or city stakeholders include the technology city’s water utility systems planning and involve existing infrastructure, decide financial aspects and solutions.

-Encourage through legislation or regulation build prosperous environment for the utility companies to use a technology and financial institutions finance utility companies
– Within Public Private People’s Partnership educate each stakeholder how water scarcity could negatively influence whole energy, food, and economy

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