The Internet of Soil

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The Internet of Soil- CropX

Sustainability Problem: Energy and water

Agriculture requires a lot of fresh water, and with increasing droughts and decreasing rainfall, it is important to look into making the irrigation system efficient.


  • The technology is called CropX, a startup in Israel, which develops cloud-based software solutions with wireless sensors
  • CropX helps boost crop yield while focusing on saving water and energy
  • It measures the soil moisture, temperature, and electrical conductivity and then sends the information to the cloud where it can be accessed on a mobile device
  • The technology helps to evenly distribute water to each plant instead of watering a whole field at a time
  • CropX is affordable, simple to install and reliable


  • Farmers
  • Governments
  • Farming Organizations


Expand the availability of the technology to farmers in who are affected by the increasing droughts and drop in rainfall 

Get more funding to advance CropX




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