Re-Evaluating and Re-Designing Structural Systems and Procedures Already In Place As Alternative Solutions

Water spring near Oliena in Sardinia

1) Sustainability Problem: Irregular and Unreliable Water Supply from Improper Water Management

2) Technology Summary:

Install a Modern Water Management System by-

  • Repairing and stabilizing the water network using modern equipment
  • Locating and measuring inefficiencies in the water network
  • Rebuilding the aging infrastructure using modern parts and materials
  • Installing leak detectors in the water network for ongoing monitoring

3) Stakeholders:

  • The Italian government
  • Sardinia’s autonomous regional administrators (Council, Junta & President)
  • Oliena’s communal leaders
  • Oliena’s residents
  • Oliena’s farmers
  • The Hitachi Corporation

4) Technology Deployed: 

Modern off the shelf solutions implemented into a proper water management system for the regions aging water network. By locating inefficiencies such as network water leakages, the volume of water usage and waste was lowered along with the energy needed to pump the extra volumes of water.

by Octavio Franco 

oaf2118 / Fall 2017 Week 8

Response to Greentechsmartcities Post:

I think that building an infrastructure centered around renewable energy for this project, would be a step in the right direction under the Public Works Administration. There is some debate as to whether or not the New Deal project of 1933 successfully achieved its goal as a recovery instrument to stimulate economic activity, but there is little argument about its success in actually building an infrastructure that lasted many years and was beneficial to millions of people. I think that if the government approached this project from a PWA perspective without the emphasis on economic return but with an emphasis on the long term public benefits that would be derived from the project, it would be a viable supplemental solution to urban energy distribution.




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