Robotically Reconfigurable Interiors

Sustainability Problem: Construction Waste

Technology Summary:

Price of real estate is increasing faster than incomes, pushing people and businesses into smaller space. Reconfiguration could help accommodate multiple-use scenarios. This technology uses small robots that are located in this 5-inch space hidden below the floor.  These little robots assemble the cubes one layer at a time, move them to the correct location, and lift them into place. The robots are battery-powered, so they can go back to a charging dock when they’re running low on energy.


  • Residents
  • Businesses
  • Construction Companies
  • Software and Robotic Companies

Technology Deployed: 

  • The technology is in a pilot phase and will need to start having more research to reach full efficiency.
  • Find more investors and/or residential and commercial buildings to start testing the product and see if can accommodate their needs.
  • Raise awareness to construction waste and allow for consumers to be knowledgable to make smarter decisions towards long-term sustainability.
  • Take use of incentives to animate the robotics market and drive cost down.

CAP2229 Response to Blog Post – Smart, Connected Elevators/Escalators

Although I think the need to have alerts for service of elevators and escalators will not be as useful, the real value here is the amount of data that can be collected from the amount of users.  Knowing peak times, amount of riders, average stops per floor can help enable efficiency into use and security of buildings.


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