Problem: Children are not learning what they should because of the lack of libraries and books in Kenya.

Learning from books it is a very straightforward strategy for learning. However, even though it sounds pretty obvious is not for all. In Kenya, a great percentage of the young population has no access to books neither a library. Under this assumptions, Kytabu digitalized most of the books required, and today his methodology has been expanded to more than 15 countries.

Sin título

1.-An implementation process starts by defining the books required or the alternative books to cover the topics at school.

2.- Then it is necessary to provide the school devices to read books, that can be obtained through the aggregation of multiple schools, so reducing prices.


By Gabriel Guggisberg – gg2642.




  1. This technology also includes interactive videos and a chat room so students can exchange ideas and learn more from each other. Students can test each other and learn important skills such as coding.


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