ShotSpotter Gunshot Detection System

Sustainability Issues

Gun-related violence has become a pressing issue in many communities and resulted in a high level of healthcare cost and productivity loss for society. While the gun violence issue has many underlying causes, mobilizing law enforcement to act effectively and efficiently after the occurrence of shooting incidents is critical in preventing further shootings from happening. However, 8 out of 10 gun violence incidents are never reported to law enforcement for many reasons. Therefore, reporting shooting incidents to police in a timely manner becomes the critical first step since they cannot respond effectively if unaware of the incident. “ShotSpotter” is designed to solve this issue and reduce gun-violence by detecting gunshots and notifying law enforcement for the location of the shooting incident.

Technology: ShotSpotter

  • Acoustic sensors (high-sensitivity microphones)  are installed in communities and buildings to detect gunshots in large and complex geographies
  • Once acoustic sensors identify and time-stamp impulsive noises (gunshot, the system then triangulates the location of the sound source to within 25 meters and runs features of the sound through machine classification
  • The Incident Review Center (IRC) human experts confirm the machine classification and publish an alert to law enforcement within 30-45 seconds
  • Notify law enforcement and first responders via a push notification, including precise location of the incident


  • Law Enforcement
  • Municipal Government
  • University Campus
  • Department of Transportation
  • Citizens


  • Law enforcement identify “hotspots” of gun-violence incidents and engage citizens for employing the technology
  • Local government launch a pilot program to install Shotspotters in the neighborhood
  • Monitor performance of the detection system and provide feedback to provider
  • Install Shotspotters on citywide scale, including street, university campus, and park



UNI: MH3730


2 thoughts on “ShotSpotter Gunshot Detection System

  1. The company claims to provide authorities with critical evidence for investigations and prosecutions.
    Detailed Forensic Reports (DFRs) provide law enforcement and prosecutors with detailed, court-admissible audio and incident analyses. Expert testimony, to review details of the DFRs and provide technical expertise regarding our technology, is also included.


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