Smart Wifi Water Sensors:A smart way to detect water leakages

D-Link launched a new product that uses wifi to track water leakage in your home.This device can be paired with your mobile phone so that you can receive alerts when there is a water leakage.This technology tracks water leakage from all appliances in a home- water pump,washing machine,refrigerator and sinks.This also alerts you when your home is filled with water during floods or other natural disasters.This technology can be particularly helpful in many commercial institutions like hotels and offices where it might be rater difficult to track water leakage due to the large number of water based appliances.


1.Engineers and partners of D-Link.

2.Homeonwers/Building owners who can saved thousands of Dollars that are spent on fixing water leakages.

3.E-commerce websites:Most of these sensors are bought on e-commerce websites like Amazon,

4.CItizens in flood risk areas; this technology will help them take precautions before their home is flooded.


1.Develop this technology further to detect water leakage in public areas.

2.A Public-Private Partnership can formed between D-Link and the local city governments to install smart water sensors in all parts of the city.

3.Pass a law that needs all homeowners/building facility managers to install it to prevent water leakages.



Comment on other blog:

This I brilliant and works very well in cities.I visited Norway this summer and the streets are planned in a way that have multiple electric vehicle charging stations.There is also free street parking for electric vehicles in Norway.Tesla is heavily subsidised in Norway too!Time for other countries in the world to take this example!



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