From your plate… Back to your plate

How can one reduce his or her share of waste that sits in landfills and contributes to pollution and to the advancement of foul waste disposal culture? Get a ZERA Food Recycler!

-Reduces food waste by over two-thirds its original volume through a fully automated system.

-The food waste becomes ready-to-use fertilizer that can be used on your garden, basically using your old food to make your new food. (This can also be used on your lawn and your plants)

-This saves you money, time, and most importantly, your environment.

This technology can be used by any citizen who wants to have less of a negative impact on earth. It is described as sending less waste to landfills and more to your own land. It helps the customer save on fertilizer, be more self sufficient and makes it easy to help the environment a little bit everyday.

This technology was on Indiegogo.

The inventor, Paula Lobaracco started her implementation process by raising funds to ensure that:

1.There was enough interest in her technology

2.She had enough funds to build these individual units

She raised a little more than half a million dollars and launched it in 2017.–2#/

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