Smart meter for water use monitoring



Sustainability problem: Water

Approximately 18% of water used in residential homes is lost as a result of leaks. This can result in an annual loss of 13,000 gallons of water per household.

Technology summary:

  • Calliope’s Bouy is whole-house water flow meter that is connected to a house’s water supply to monitor water use.
  • Bouy incorporates machine learning and predictive analytics to provide real-time water use insights about how much water is being used by which devices.
  • Bouy provides also provides real time data about when and where leaks occur and other waste via an app.


  • Homeowners and building owners
  • Water utilities
  • Individuals in drought stricken areas
  • Plumbers
  • Contractors installing the technology
  • Home improvement retailors


  • Educate consumers about benefits of the technology via marketing campaigns
  • Seek partnerships with water utilities in dought-stricken areas to promote adoption of the technology
  • Increase commercial availability by partnering with home improvement retailors


Comment on You Can’t Spell ‘Carbon Nanotube Electricity’ Without ‘Yarn’

As an alternative to yarn made with carbon nanotubes, energy can be harvested from other fabrics via piezoelectric generators to harvest energy from stress and strains and triboelectric generators to harvest energy generated from friction. However, these generators are costly and have a low efficiency making carbon nanotube technology a superior option.


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