Plastic Bottle Concrete

1) Sustainability problem: Pollution


  • MIT students have discovered a way to produce concrete that is close to 20% stronger than traditional concrete by incorporating used plastic bottles. The bottles are pulverized and then added into the concrete.
  • Concrete is the most used material for construction and by incorporating bottles into them, waste going to landfills and the pollution that causes will decrease. Furthermore, buildings will become stronger and may last longer.
  • This technology also uses less cement to actually construct the concrete, which in turn leads to fewer carbon dioxide emissions.



  • Concrete manufacturers
  • Building contractors
  • Landfills



  1. Make concrete manufacturers gain access to plastic bottle pulverization machines.
  2. Educate the manufacturers on how to create this.
  3. Incentivize contractors to use this new concrete in their new building projects.


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My comment on another article

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UNI: ms5584


3 thoughts on “Plastic Bottle Concrete

  1. Manufacturing concrete generates 4.5 percent of the world’s human-induced carbon emissions. So far, substituting 1.5 percent of concrete with irradiated plastic has been proved to improve the mixture’s strength significantly. It means 0.0675 percent of the world’s carbon dioxide emissions is deducted. If this technology is implemented on a global scale, the impact could be significant.


  2. Wonderful use of plastic. BUT! What happens when it constantly and gradually breaks down from all of the cars driving over it. Then it rains, washing all of those small particles straight into our waterways to cause more destruction. Has this issue been addressed?


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