Retrofitting as Water Saving Technology

ecoystems brothers

Richard and Lawrence Lamondin started a company called EcoSystems back in 2012 and have saved their real estate clients 1.1 billions gallons of water so far. The bothers initially began the company as CondoSavers, in which they consulted condominium owners on savings solutions. Their passion for water conservation led them to focus on the water and energy saving sectors by applying retrofitting solutions on all water intensive fixtures (such as toilets, shower heads etc).

  1. Sustainability Problem: Water Conservation
  2. Technology: Retrofitted fixtures that reduce water flow and water leakage reduction by detection
  3. Organizational Stakeholders: EcoSystem’s company employees, real estate owners and their tenants, other tenants in the retrofitted vicinity.
  4. Deploying Technology:  The technology has been deployed since 2012 and saved their clients a substantial amount both on water and energy cost.


Response to “How to Monitor Water Smartly” by LY2437:

To LY2427:

I’m assuming that this technology would be used to augment the Florida canal system that is already in place. Florida’s water management authority had engineered a series of canals to control excessive water flow but mostly to divert water to necessary regions such as the South Florida region to maintain positive pressure on the Biscayne Aquifer in order to prevent salt water intrusion. Of course, the system is aging so any new technological innovations such as this could help with the necessary water flow controls.



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