Electric Charging Station Partner

ionity635Sustainability Problem: Energy

  • With an increase in the number of electric cars, there is a need for more electric charging stations.
  • Audi, BMW, Daimler AG, Ford, and Porsche have created an alliance to create High-Power Charging network throughout Europe. The alliance is formally called IONITY.
  • The article explains that by 2020, they aim to have 400 charging stations across Europe. The goal of this is to increase the possibility for long-distance travel.
  • Through a partnership with Tank & Rast, Circle K, and OMV, 20 stations will be up and running this year. 100 stations will be ready for use next year.
  • The new station decreases the amount of time it needs to charge encouraging more people to buy electric cars.


  1. Audi, BMW, Daimler AG, Ford, and Porsche (IONITY)
  2. Charging Station manufacturers
  3. Gas Stations
  4. European Government
  5. Current and Potential Electric Car Owners

First Three Steps to Expansion into US

  1. Understand the future of electric cars in the US
  2. Research where most electric cars are being used now.
  3. Establish plan to implement (First 20 locations, next 100, continue as needed)


Comment on “Smart Bandage”

This could be a great technology for doctors who are currently in medical school to see how different people react to different medication and application methods.


One thought on “Electric Charging Station Partner

  1. I really like the idea of major automobile manufacturers forming an alliance to expand EV charging stations. For their expansion into the U.S., it may be a good idea to get Tesla on board as it owns hundreds of existing supercharging stations across the country. By creating such an alliance, the development of EVs and charging stations would move toward a direction where charging specification is standardized. If this is the case, EV owners would no longer worry about finding a charging station that is both efficient and compatible, therefore lower the barrier of EV ownership.


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