Face Based ID Coming to a Supermarket Near You?

The British startup company YOTI has created an app with face-based identification. Two supermarkets in the UK are going to test the app in 2018.

  1. Sustainability Problem: Civic Engagement
  2. Summary of Article:
    1. The app is easy to enroll in and only requires a selfie with an iPhone to be registered as a user.
    2. Your selfie would be linked via the app with a photo ID, driving license, or passport.
    3. The hope is that this will help supermarkets address fraud for purchasing restricted products.
    4. The data on the app is encrypted for identity protection.
    5. This technology would be easily scalable and is capable of being widespread. Smartphone users are common and this type of technology is being used in the iPhone X, which has hit the market already.
  3. Organizational Stakeholders: YOTI employees and senior management, Police force, Identification systems, Supermarket chains, IT department
  4. Steps in Deploying Technology:
    • For this technology to be deployed, it will have to be integrated into the supermarket’s POS system.
    • It will require training of supermarket employees to understand how to use the technology correctly when selling items.
    • It will require a YOTI team to maintain the function of the application as more users register.

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Comment on Offshore Wind post.

Offshore windpower is an optimistic opportunity. The fact that popularity approach has allowed a cost reduction by 60% is impressive.



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