NEWater is tackling Island Nation’s Primary Challenge


1) Sustainability Problem:  Singapore was ranked first among countries with the highest risk of high water stress in 2040, according to the World Resources Institute. Water security is the national priority in Singapore as half of its current water supplies imported from Malaysia.

2) Technological Solutions: Recycled Sewage NEWater is tackling an island nation’s primary challenge along with the desalination and efficient rainwater catch. NEWater created by the country’s public utility board (PUB).
– The $170 million plant can produce 50 million gallons of NEWater a day and will supply the PUB water for 25 years.
-Through a four-step series of barriers and membranes, wastewater is made free of solids, microorganisms, and contaminants resulting in potable water supplies for use by humans and industry.
-NEWater will be able to supply up to 40 percent of Singapore’s total daily water demand, up from 30 percent, with the opening of Singapore’s fifth NEWater plant in Jan 2018.

Afifah Ariffin, “NEWater able to meet 40% of Singapore’s water needs with opening of the fifth plant, 18 Jan 2017
Read more at–7565374″

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3) Key stakeholders and their role in the implementation:

– Singapore Government support and encourage private sectors to partner with the PUB  and regulate water consumption through price and financing innovations

-Financial Institutions-Financing New NEWater plants

-Educate consumers water system and actual cost of water

– Citizens consume water wisely

4) Steps Deploying Technology:

-Build prosperous environment for the utility companies to use a technology and financial institutions finance utility companies
– Within Public Private People’s Partnership educate each stakeholder how water scarcity could negatively influence whole system (energy, food, and economy)


I recommend other cities facing water challenges should duplicate project (Riyadh, San Diego, Brisbane, etc.)

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4 thoughts on “NEWater is tackling Island Nation’s Primary Challenge

  1. A similar technology could also be used at Sewage Treatment Plants to clean water before it is returned to the sea. I am thinking in particular of the Long Island Sound as most of the wastewater in Long Island is untreated and it has been a really big problem for the surrounding bays.

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  2. The process starts with sewage water that is filtered to extract larger particles, bacteria and viruses. Then, through reverse osmosis, membranes refine the water again, sifting out further contaminants and getting rid of any disease-causing agents. Finally, ultraviolet disinfection is used to make sure the water is truly pure and ready to use. The final product even exceeds the FAO’s safety standards.

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  3. This project can revolutionize the way large cities treat their water. I can see this technology being use in developing countries with large manufacturing sites – Southern China would be a great place.

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