Next generation disease/cancer detection

1) Sustainability Problem:

Medical technology has made great leaps in disease detection, but proper diagnosis still requires well-equipped labs and significant waiting time. Extended waiting time raises risk factors and allows diseases which could have been caught and addressed earlier to grow to worse problems. In addition the resource and cost barriers to sophisticated labs ensure that not all populations will have equal access to potentially life-saving information at the time when it can be most useful.
New diagnostic technology from QuantuMDx could change that scenario. Their Q-Poc “handheld lab”, the size of a smartphone, can diagnose a range of infectious diseases and cancers in minutes. This can have disproportionate advantages in the developing world where access to infrastructure is a barrier to quality health care.
From article:
Q-Poc differs from most conventional point-of-care diagnostic tools in that it analyses the DNA of pathogens rather than the proteins within the sample. 
This brings us one step closer to the Star Trek medical tricorder.
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2) Technology Summary:

Article: This smartphone-sized device can diagnose cancer in 20 minutes
Website: The Guardian
Tags: #health

3) Organizational stakeholders

  1. National health regulators
  2. Hospital & doctors employee advocacy groups
  3. Health insurance companies
  4. Device manufacturer & supporting supply chain

4) Steps in deploying this technology

  1. Ensure the device clears all safety and regulatory trials
  2. Enlist a sales team to sell technology to medical NGO’s and aid orgs in developing world
  3. Establish supply chain and procure initial batch of devices
  4. Train medical professionals on usage of the device.

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