Smart Cooling technologies for Data Centers


Data centres today generate huge amounts of heat.This impacts the hardware systems functions in the data centre.Therefore,cooling is a major requirement in data centres .Electricity costs from data centres take up a chunk to the IT budget each year.

The Technology:

Dynamic Smart Cooling  technology combines sensors with control nodes that monitor temperatures in parts of the data center. These nodes control the computer room air conditioners for better control of the whole IT environment, so you don’t have to cool a whole room for a few racks in one area.This technology can help reduce  the power to cool a data centre from 30-60 percent.

Vigilent is a company that develops smart cooling technologies for Data Centre.The Vigilant Dynamic cooling System consists of four main components:monitoring, dynamic control, analytics, and extensive alarms.These components work together in reducing energy costs.

The monitoring system uses wireless sensors to determine the data centre’s thermal environment.The dynamic control uses machine learning and combines it with the temperature data gathered from the monitoring device and determines how to best adjust the data centre’s resources  to match the current heat load, all while using the minimum amount of energy possible.The analytics  that is built on advanced AI technology transforms  Data into actionable information to model  Airflow ,subtle interactions between cooling resources and identify  heat load.The alarm notifies when human intervention is required during issues with the cooling system.


1.IT companies with Data Centres

2.Energy Engineers

3.Developers of Vigilant.


1.Develop technology to suit requirements of all data centres.

2.Work with all major IT companies with Data Centres to deploy this technology.

3.Montior and track the impact of the cooling system for further development.


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One thought on “Smart Cooling technologies for Data Centers

  1. This is great! Beyond the data centres you can include the technology in any ‘large’ commercial structure – e.g., office building, public venues, opera house, concert halls, etc. You could integrate a machine learning algorithm into the software and allow the system to be integrated with multiple sites and be autonomous in its daily operation.


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