This Startup Developed a Promising New Battery Material—and a Novel Survival Strategy


Sustainability issue

Category: Energy

In order to introduce electric vehicles to consumer mainstream, technologists must first solve the problems of power density. Lithium-ion batteries need to become lighter and cheaper if they are to succeed in automotive applications and become as universal as they are in electronic goods.

Technology solution

  • CAMX’s researchers improve the energy density, cycle life, and price of lithium-ion batteries, by using the ovens to heat mixtures of metals and producing slight variations of a nickel-rich cathode recipe.
  • This technology will help tip electric vehicles into the consumer mainstream.
  • This technology can store and release a lot of the lithium ions that ultimately power gadgets and cars, delivering energy over long periods between charges.
  • Using more nickel also makes it possible to use significantly less cobalt, which is rare and expensive.
  • 25% improvement in energy density over the nickel-manganese-cobalt cathode materials, which are used in many electric vehicles today, has been achieved by this new material. 


  • Citizens
  • Municipal government
  • Companies in renewable and sustainable energy field
  • Electrical appliance manufacturer and retail shops

 Implementation steps

Step 1: Introduce this promising technology to energy companies and citizens in the aspect of energy saving and environmental friendly characters.

Step 2: Set up a pilot plan for implementation.

Step 3: Establish a corporation relationship with the government and build an incentive policy to encourage energy company to use this technology.


Comment on Another Blog Post

Post: How policy can encourage sustainable products consumption…Japan case

Comment: This is a wonderful policy! Eco-point Program could serve as a model for other national governments seeking to rapidly transform their domestic sustainable retail markets.


UNI – wy2283






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