What about feeding the livestock?

Sustainability problem:

We know that global livestock contributes about 15% of human driven GHG emissions. And this is a data point from 2006, when there was a billion less people on earth. This ecological problem does not just concern livestock for our own consumption, but also feeding it. Soy bean farming depletes soil and fish feed is caught in the ocean. We also know this problem is only worsening, thanks to accelerating global population growth.


Entocycle is one of many start-ups working on developing alternative protein, growing larvae of black solider flies. However, Entocycle focuses of alternative protein to sustainably feed our livestock. In addition to being a feed for livestock, Entocycle larvae consume food waste, which doubles the environmental benefits. At its facility in London, the company monitor the larvae with visual recognition and machine learning tech logy that promises cost-efficient scaling.


  • farmers
  • food retailers
  • consumers
  • feedstock suppliers


Business development:

  • directly go to large food retailers with vertically integrated operations for pilot project on a certain product category
  • develop pilot projects with independent farmers

Communication plan:

  • Marketing plan for brand launch
  • Simultaneous PR campaign
  • Develop presence and buzz at Agri-Tech conferences


  • Land first business partner then expand facility locations







Really interesting post @greentechsmartcities  I find the approach of engaging citizens though art a powerful approach. It reminds me that, in one of my classes yesterday, we were discussing the challenges of engaging the masses on sustainability related matters. It is becoming clear that the carrot will be more successful than the stick. How can we make the sustainability message a positive one? For inspiration, we watched a video on the theory of fun. See below. Regardless of ordinary citizens’ reasons for engaging, what matters is the outcome.



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