Print Your Own City: 3D printed furniture from plastic waste

Problem: plastic waste (it is estimated that Amsterdam residents generate 23 kg of plastic waste per person annually)


  • Rotterdam-based studio The New Raw is turning household plastic waste into furniture for public spaces
  • Household plastic, including plastic shopping bags, can be melted into a base product for large-scale 3D printing
  • They have also launched a campaign called “Print Your City!” to redesign urban spaces, whereby communities’ own collected plastic can be used to make the same furniture used in their community
  • The annual plastic waste from two people is enough to produce one bench such as their prototype – the XXX bench (in collaboration with Actual,  who specialize in large-scale bio-based 3D printing).


ArticleThis brilliant project turns plastic waste into 3D-printed benches for Amsterdam

Link: The New Raw – Print Your City! 

Screen Shot 2017-11-23 at 4.07.30 PM


  • city residents – who have the opportunity to design their own pieces of furniture for public spaces
  • municipalities and city governments
  • business owners around public spaces which are prime sites for urban rejuvenation

First 3 steps in deploying this technology: 

  1. Public awareness & engagement for design ideas
  2. Collect plastic from recycling depots
  3. Design furniture



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