Smart Solar Systems for Street Lighting

Problem: Street lighting is densely integrated into grid system for major cities; however, this comes at the cost of high energy usage and cost.

Solution: Solar street lights provide a better value for cost, optimum lighting, and a renewable source of energy.


  • Utilities
  • City Municipalities
  • Residents
  • Engineering Teams & Vendors
  • Funding Partners

Next Steps:

  • Talk to city and town municipalities about the benefits
  • Provide a cost benefit analysis
  • Work with existing power companies to adapt existing infrastructure
  • Educate residents on long-term sustainable benefits


CAP2229 Response to Solar Powered Trains: With India’s poverty being so high, mass transport has become a way of life as purchasing vehicles is very costly.  Switching from coal fired trains to solar power would reduce the amount of emissions that populate the very densely populated country.



2 thoughts on “Smart Solar Systems for Street Lighting

  1. I believe that integrating solar panel to street lighting is a brilliant idea that could not only reduce electricity consumption but also improve the resiliency of our street infrastructure. During catastrophic disaster when the main grid is down, street lights powered by solar panels could still work to provide necessary lighting for rescue and post-disaster recovery. As more and more cities start making the move toward LED street lighting for lower energy consumption and maintenance cost, it is also worth noting that LED lights with bright white color could also result in severe light pollution and light trespass. Therefore when implementing street light retrofitting to incorporate solar panels, attention shall also be paid to choose the proper color of LED light bulbs.


  2. Street lighting is one the most important – and expensive – responsibilities of a city: Lighting can account for 10–38% of the total energy bill in typical cities worldwide.I am of the opinion that energy efficient technologies like these can cut street lighting costs dramatically often and these savings can eliminate or reduce the need for new generating plants and provide the capital for alternative energy solutions for populations in remote areas.


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