The RS-360 – Water Leak Detection

1) Sustainability Problem – Water Management

2) Technology – the RS-360 is a wireless expandable system designed for localized leak detection for multi-floor facilities. In the event of a leak, it detects and shuts off the water supply, using dual sensors that detect leaks or temperature dips; an audible alarm is then sounded.

A customizable cellular SMS text message is sent in the event of a detection (by the SensorSays accessory, which is part of the system. There is also the option of relaying the message via an Auto Dialer, which is also available for land line-generated phone call notifications.

The RS-360 also has a/an

  • 100′ wireless signal range between the wireless sensors and receiver; each system can accommodate up to 78 additional sensors
  • Closed-loop RF system, which keeps the system working even when power and Wi-Fi are lost
  • Remote manual valve override control
  • Onboard battery backup providing up to 48 hours of ongoing protection during a power outage;



3) Organizational Stakeholders

  • Government Agencies
  • Real Estate/Property Managers
  • Educational Institutions
  • Hotels/other commercial buildings


4) Deployment of technology – 3 Steps

  • Assess buildings
  • Procure hardware and proceed with installation
  • Make provision for technical support and institute a System Maintenance log


5) Comment on ” Conserving water, one shower at a time” by AGATHETECH ()

Nebia has 10 precision-tuned nozzles that atomize water into millions of microdrops which hydrate skin far better than ordinary showers.




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