Would Your iPhone Survive a Disaster?

Would your iPhone survive a natural disaster like an earthquake or tsunami? Most researchers don’t believe so. Applications have been developed that function on a mesh network, allowing you to communicate in the event that wifi and cell phone networks are no longer functioning. This is useful if your phone survives. If not, you are out of luck.

  1. Sustainability Problem: Safety and Health
  2. Summary of Article:
    • A team of Danish designers are encouraging the use of a Ham Radio device in the wake of disasters
    • This radio is solar powered and uses mesh network technology to send messages
    • The device can survive immersion in water during a flood or storm and an withstand much rougher conditions
    • The team of designers is working with the Red Cross of the Philippines to finalize a deployable design
    • The plan is that each volunteer would get their own device and receive or send messages about those in need and resources needed in the wake of a disaster
  3. Organizational Stakeholders: Red Cross, Danish design team, Philippine Government Officials, Emergency Management Team
  4. Steps in Deploying Technology:
    • First, the design team would need to engage with the Red Cross to ensure that a design meets all of their needs and satisfies the requirements
    • Design of the device should be sent to production
    • A pilot should be launched with the Red Cross to test efficacy of the device
  5. Comment on another post: Great post Sylwia! In the articles you linked, it is interesting that the tech relies on basic properties of metals and their conductivity (as temperature drops, the metals become more conductive).

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