eSight – Restoring sight for legally blind and improving Lives

Sustainable Issue: Safety/health


Visual impairment impacts every aspect of a person’s life. Simple things that sighted individuals may take for granted like navigating an unknown street or recognizing a loved one’s face can be immensely challenging for the visually impaired. Of the 285 million people worldwide considered blind, 86% are legally blind with low vision caused by macular degeneration, glaucoma, and other eye conditions. Rather than experiencing “complete blindness,” most visually impaired people exist on a spectrum of sight that varies based on individual condition.

In 2013, eSight launched the first pair of electronic glasses that allow the legally blind to see – the first and only patented assistive device of its kind anywhere in the world. Wearable, hands-free and non-surgical, eSight electronic glasses can help those with low vision improve their sight and regain independence.


eSight delivers a life changing solution to its audience. eSight houses a high-speed, high-definition camera that captures everything the user is looking at. Its algorithms enhance the video feed and display it on two, OLED screens in front of the user’s eyes. Full colour video images are clearly seen by the eSight user with unprecedented visual clarity and virtually no lag. Users can adjust the device to the precise position that, for them, presents the best view of the video while maximizing side peripheral vision.  This ensures a user’s balance and prevents nausea – common problems with other immersive technologies.

Hands-Free Design – eSight is a sleek, wearable device that allows a legally blind individual to use both of their hands while they use eSight to see. It is lightweight, worn comfortably around the eyes and designed for various environments and for use throughout the day.

Versatile – eSight is a comprehensive customized medical device that can replace all the many single-task assistive devices that are currently available but do not provide actual sight.

Instant Sight – eSight provides sight with virtually zero latency. It allows a user to instantly auto-focus between short-range vision to mid-range vision to long-range vision

Enables Mobility – eSight is the only device for the legally blind that enables mobility without causing issues of imbalance or nausea. A legally blind individual can use eSight not just to see while sitting down but while being independently mobile.

eSight is an all-in-one solution for the workplace. From commuting and travelling to delivering and reading presentations and using various tools and technologies, eSight empowers the legally blind with independence in life.

 Stake Holders:

  • Manufacturing companies
  • Public/ Government body
  • School/ Companies
  • Utilities
  • Communities

Deployment / Implementation:

Step one: Showcase the reliability of the technology to the public and private entities. Attract more investors and spread awareness about the usage to this technology.

Step two: Find companies that could use this technology in their buildings to demonstrate the efficiency of the technology.

Step three: Educate schools, communities and other companies about the usage and benefits of the technology.


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