Net Zero Power RF and Sensor Operation

Ch2217 is my uni


1) Energy




The sensor is manufactured for DARPA as part of their ‘Net Zero Power RF and Sensor Operation Initiative’. The sensor detects infrared events and can differentiate between different sources of infrared (ie. Living beings, fires etc). Once it detects infrared, it uses the energy from the source itself to power a reaction (alarm). This technology, though in its infancy, could use infrared in the future to power more complex power hungry sensors.


3) The stakeholders would be anyone using or designing sensors that would benefit from not having to be hard wired to the electrical grid.


4) I would market this to sensor manufacturers such as Infineon, IBM, and Honeywell.


5) My comment is towards the RS-360 water leak detection post. I am curious about the cost of this install vs a normal set up. (how expensive are the valves that will automatically shut) That information affects who this will be marketed towards. Would having this system in a private home reduce home owners insurance rates, as well as commercial insurance rates? I think so.


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