Turning Smog into Diamonds

Screen Shot 2017-11-24 at 11.52.05Sustainability issue: Energy, Emissions, Health

Beijing has a major air pollution problem due to the intense industrial activities that rely on the burning of coal. These emissions lead to a perpetual smog problem (32% of smog is carbon) and lead to thousands of premature deaths every year.


  • The Smoke Free Project was founded by Dutch designer, Daan Roosegarde. The project includes two phases.
  • The first was to build a 7-meter tower that sucks in polluted air like smog and cleans it at a nano-level. More specifically, the tower uses carbon from smog particle and cleans this air before releasing it back out clean. Already installed in various parts of Beijing, the technology has proved to make the air in those areas 70-75% cleaner.
  • The second is for the tower to capture smog and transform it into diamonds. Under 30 minutes of pressure, the air can be compressed into diamonds. The diamonds would be sold to support the development and buildin gof more Smoke Free towers.

Article title: Why turning China’s smog into Diamonds isn’t as crazy as it sounds
Website name: We Forum
Article Link: https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2016/06/why-turning-smog-into-diamonds-isn-t-as-crazy-as-it-sounds/


  • Beijing city government
  • National government
  • Smoke Free Project
  • Citizens


  1. Attract investors to raise funds to further research and development of the technology to lower its costs and improve the efficiency.
  2. Deploy in more parts of Beijing and begin extending to other Chinese cities.
  3. Begin targeting other extremely polluted cities in India and Indonesia.



One thought on “Turning Smog into Diamonds

  1. This so unique but the questions that arise in mind are:
    1. how do they convert smog to diamonds?
    2. What is the value of diamonds?
    3. Are the diamonds sold at the same rate as those made the traditional way?

    I mean it’s a great concept but it’s sustainability is partly dependent on the sale of these smog infused diamonds, which I’m not sure, people will find valuable enough to buy.


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