Coffee Biofuel in London Buses


Sustainability Problem: Energy and Waste

  • Bio-bean is a biofuel that is made from coffee grounds. This technology has been in the process of being deployed with the help of a partnership with Shell.
  • The biofuel will begin to be used in London buses around the city. The new fuel source not only keeps coffee grounds out of the landfill but can help the air pollution situation.
  • The fuel is made from coffee grounds that are dried and then the oil is extracted. So far 6,000 liters of oil has been produced. Under specific circumstances that is enough to fuel one city bus for a year.
  • In the article, “Trending: Coffee Grounds Poised to Power Future for Sustainable Transport, Fashion,” the authors explain the many partners and companies that were needed to start using coffee biofuel in London busses.
  • Many households have already begun to use this in their homes. This happened through a partnership with Argent Energy.


  • Shell
  • Bio-bean
  • Argent Energy
  • City of London
  • Bus Drivers
  • Coffee Consumers
  • Residents of London

Steps to expanding coffee biofuel in London

  1. Measure first year of performance in London Buses and compare to traditional fuel
  2. Create more biofuel for both home and fuel use
  3. Expand London Bus use
  4. Research potential of coffee biofuel for London Taxis

Comment on “New 3D Printed Tire From Biodegradable Materials”

This could be marketed towards car companies, like Subaru, who want to reduce their waste and have customers who are also sustainability minded.






2 thoughts on “Coffee Biofuel in London Buses

  1. According to the article, the average Londoner drinks 2.3 cups of coffee a day, which produces over 200,000 tons of waste a year, much of which would otherwise end in landfill with the potential to emit 126 million kg of CO2.


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